9:30 am Adult Small Groups

As a church grows it must find a way to remain personal. Small Groups are how we do that at New Site. Small Groups are an opportunity for you to learn about God and connect with God's people. It is in a Small Group where you can form the close friendships we all desire, and care for one another's needs.

  • College & Career (18-22 yr olds)

    Teachers: Mark Willey & Megan Adams

    Room AE 101

  • Adults (22-40)

    Teacher: Joe Reber

    Room AE 200

  • Adults (35-50)

    Teacher: Justin Austin

    Room AE 201

  • Adults (40+)

    Teachers: Lane & Carmen Jenkins

    Room AE 202

  • Adults (40+)

    Teacher: Tige Bennett

    Room AE 206

  • Adults (40+)

    Teacher: Steve Morley

    Room AE 103

  • Ladies 1

    Teacher: Linda Carr

    Room AE 102