Bible Reading Plans & Daily Devotions

As Christ Followers, we look to the Bible for answers to life's questions. But looking at the Bible in one large chunk can seem intimidating, especially if you have never studied it before. Bible reading plans are a way to approach reading the Bible in smaller portions. It's a great way to become personally acquainted with the Bible and begin to understand the Scriptures. 

If you're not yet a Christian, or if you've been following Him for years, a great "Next Step" is spending time reading the Bible to get to know more about Jesus. Below you will find a few links to resources we like here at New Site. We challenge you to take that "Next Step" and begin to dig into the Bible, God's Word, yourself. 

Our Daily Bread Ministries                                                       

Daily Hope with Rick Warren

Join a Small Group/Bible Study

God designed us to live life together in community. Get plugged in to a Small Group at New Site. Whether it meets on Sunday morning, Wednesday Night, in a study group during the week, or in a circle with others seeking help in recovery, a Small Group is the best way to experience personal spiritual growth and feel connected to other people. 

At New Site, Small Groups gather together to focus on studying and discussing God's Word. For more information about joining a New Site Small Group, fill out the form below and a member of our Staff will be in contact with you soon.