Our History

New Site Baptist Church was organized in September of 1848 in a log school house near Hudson Spring (about 5 miles west of the current location). It is believed that New Site is the oldest Baptist church in Barry County. 

For a number of years the New Site congregation met in several locations. Due to the Civil War, the church did not hold services for a period of 4 years. After the war, services resumed with 35 members on the roll. In 1878, a building was built on an acre of ground, 1 mile south west of its current location. 

In 1916 the church built a red brick building on a site secured on the A.E. Banks farm and again relocated. In 1919 the church was officially known as “New Site Baptist Church” after aligning itself with the Southern Baptist Convention. 

New Site Now

As New Site has continued to reach out to the Southwest Missouri area, God has provided the resources for Ministry and building expansions. In 1997 New Site built what is now the Student Center. In 2005 the Children's Education Building and Gym were constructed. In 2010 The Gym was converted into the current Worship Center and a new Gym/Fellowship Building was constructed. In 2017 a new two-story Children's Building was constructed on the South side of the building & the old Children's Education Building & Preschool Building were converted into much needed additional Adult Classrooms. New Site has become a regional church and with God's help will continue to Win, Teach, & Send disciples out to serve God.