2023 By-Law Revision Proposal
Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you to everyone that submitted questions regarding the By-Law Revision Proposal. The following are Frequently Asked Questions that the By-Law Revision Committee received & answered. They would like to present these FAQ's to the church body in case other members have similar questions.

What are we voting on?
This Sunday April 30th we will be voting on the By-Law Revision Proposal. The proposed by-law revisions are outlined in the By-Law Revision Proposal packet. Revisions are marked in red. An example nomination form & ballot were included for further clarification purposes only.


Will the proposed changes be voted on individually or as a whole package?

We will be voting on the By-Law Proposal as a single vote for all of the changes proposed.


What will be the different ways I can make sure to mark my attendance?

Connection Cards will be available in multiple locations around the church or your Small Group Attendance (Sunday or Wednesday).


Who would confirm that individuals being nominated to a Search Committee tithe?

Due to confidentiality, the New Site Financial Secretary will confirm (yes or no) whether the individual nominated tithes to the church.


Who verifies the voting eligibility of a person?

We are relying on the integrity of New Site members. If a ballot were to come into question, the moderator & Deacons would meet to discuss and determine the eligibility of the individual.


Who is “joint committee” referencing in Article III, section A, subsection 2?

“Joint committee members” is referencing back to the personnel committee & Deacons within the same paragraph. 


What was the purpose of changing the term limit of a Search Committee from 12 months to an indefinite term?

Within our research, according to the Baptist Press, the average time for a church of our size or larger to find a new Pastor is anywhere from 12-24 months. It was because of this information that we adjusted the timeframe for the Search Committee so as not to create an unrealistic timeline.


What sources of research did the Committee use in deciding on revisions?

After much prayer & study of the by-laws from Forest Park Baptist Church of Joplin, MO, Crossway Baptist Church of Springfield, MO, First Baptist Church of Rogers, AR,  & North Jacksonville Baptist Church of Jacksonville, FL, and consultation with Attorney John Cowherd of Mt. Vernon, MO.


What is the significance of adding “Lead” to Pastor in multiple sections?

In Article II, Section 4 & throughout Article III the word Lead was added to Pastor to clarify which Pastor position within the church these articles referred to as we now have multiple Pastor positions (ie Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Associate Pastor, Senior Adult Pastor etc…). No duties or responsibilities have changed for this position. The By-Laws Revision Committee just wished to give clarification to this position.


Will there be a church body vote on an internal candidate?



What is the difference between a “Licensed” and an “Ordained” Pastor?

In a Southern Baptist church, a license means you tell us God has called you in a full time Christian ministry and we (the church) believe you. An ordination means we (the church) have had time to observe you and we also believe God has called you.

After a person has made public his certainty of a call to the ministry, he will petition the church for a license. In Baptist life a license is primarily a pat on the back, a God bless you; we’re behind you, now go prove yourself. The Southern Baptist Convention has no official position on the issue of either licensing or ordination. Even if it did, it would not be binding on the autonomous, self-governing, local church.


Why did the Committee decide to revise the percentage required to call a Lead Pastor from 80% to 2/3?

After reviewing the By-Laws from Forest Park Baptist Church, Crossway Baptist Church, FBC Rogers, & North Jacksonville Baptist Church and in order to make our own By-Laws consistent, the decision was made to adjust the percentage required to ⅔.