What is Extreme Bingo?

The Basics of Extreme Bingo

Everyone gets a bingo card & a marker. Between each Bingo game we’ll have a 2 minute break & everyone will get new cards.

For the most part, it’s regular bingo. You will want to get 5 in a row to win a prize!

Here is the EXTREME part, every 5-7 pulls of a number the “Boxes of Doom” will appear on the screen. Each box has a different scenario on it to eliminate groups of people or make them do certain things. One box will be randomly selected.

WE WAIT FOR NO ONE. If you have a task to complete, you do the task while we CONTINUE with Bingo.

If you’re eliminated, throw your card on the ground & wait until a new game begins (it won’t take long & you’ll be VERY entertained by everyone else while you wait)

Each of the “Boxes of Doom” are custom written ahead of time by the Young Adult Leaders (and possibly your small group leaders)

“Box of Doom” scenarios for us COULD include: 

  • If you changed a diaper this week you get to mark an extra spot on your card. 
  • If you had Starbucks today YOU’RE OUT! 
  • If you’re phone is out on the table YOU’RE OUT! 
  • If you’re right handed go grab a square of toilet paper from the bathroom before continuing.