New Site Leadership Transition


Below are the most commonly asked questions about the New Site Leadership Transition

This remains unknown.

Yes, all ministers approved the recommended plan as presented to the church before it was presented and they could have declined without penalty.

A pulpit committee is formed when the position of Pastor is vacated. The position of Pastor has neither been vacated nor has a date been established as to when the position will become vacant. Though Aaron has announced that he sees his time coming to an end. he continues to fill the position of Pastor.

Aaron Weibel, John Henry and Garrett Maxey will be filling preaching responsibilities. IF the transition lasts a year (52 weeks). Aaron will preach approximately 20 times, Garrett will preach approximately 20 times, and John will preach approximately 12 times.

These ministers will try to get in the habit of announcing who will be preaching the next week. New Site has already been in the practice (most weeks) of posting the sermon title and name of person preaching the day before Sunday Services on Facebook and Instagram.