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Business Meeting
October 22, 2023

Additional Information

Information on Voting Sunday, October 29

Please watch this quick informational video from Personnel Committee Chair Kathy Stadwick & Deacon Chair Mark Willey regarding how voting will take place this Sunday morning October 29th at New Site Baptist Church.

Salary Proposal- Recalculation

We discovered there was a miscalculation in the Salary Proposal numbers that were presented at the meeting. 

Garrett’s proposed annual salary is $80,000.

He will be required to pay his own FICA of 15.3% plus his own annuity.

Total budget impact was disclosed as +$2,904, and should be +$8,912.

If you have any questions regarding this information please contact Financial Secretary Kim Willey at the church office.

Added Information- Garrett

There was additional information discussed by the Personnel Committee and Deacons that we missed sharing in the Business Meeting. 

If voted to become the Lead Pastor, Garrett is willing to be ordained by New Site Baptist Church.